Do you know the precise cost and value of LED panel light? How much must you spend on it? Today, I’m going to calculate it for you.

1. Cost and Price of Frame and Panel

As completely different materials, which is used for frames or panels manufacturing, have completely different heat-dissipation performance, the price and price of LED panel gentle may very well be different. If the frame or panel is manufactured from 6063 aluminum extrusions, the value is about 5080 eighty RMB.

2. Cost and Price of Photoconduct Plate

The standard of photoconduct plate is one among a very powerful factors to the standard of LED panel light. A excessive-high quality photoconduct plate makes the sunshine a lot softer. If you loved this short article and you would such as to get even more facts relating to LED panel lighting supply kindly see our internet site. No darkish gentle spots can be discovered. Its worth would be 60 to eighty RMB for 12 photoconduct plates.

3. Cost and Price of Lamp Beads and SMD

Now the market worth of 3014(11lm) is between 0.Thirteen to 0.Sixteen RMB. Good lamp bead reveals a stable performance and nice brightness. Usually, 600×600 LED panel light is designed with 360 lamp beads, and the value is round 53 RMB. Basically, 11×23 or 11x26mil chips are used for this sort of panel light, and the price of lamp beads SMD is about 0.01RMB/pcs.

4. Cost and Price of Aluminum Panel

There are four alimunium panels for LED panel mild’s four sides, or 2 for two sides. The panel in size 600×600 costs about 1.5 RMB/pcs.

5. Cost and Price of Power Supply

Power supply can also be one issue of LED panel mild’s price. Bad energy provide might cause a earlier failure of the panel mild. UL power supply is a pleasant alternative for stable efficiency, and the value could be around fifty three RMB. TUV energy provide prices about 33RMB. CE power provide can also be good.

6. Cost and Price of Packaging

Simple packaging takes solely a small part of the price. It often prices solely servral yuans. Better bundle would price about 10 RMB.

7. Cost and Price of Auxiliary Materials

The price of auxiliary materials, including foam pads, tape, ceiling led panel light wire, and terminals, is about 5RMB.

8. Cost and Price of Labor Force

If the general output of 10 staff is 300 pcs, and the wage of one worker is a 1,800 RMB, then the associated fee on labor power for 1 piece of LED panel gentle would be 2 RMB.

Above all, the cost of LED panel light is probably 250 to 280 RMB. If prime quality supplies are put into mild manufacturing, the worth can be higher, say above 300 RMB.

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