Your teeth can feel more sensitive during a whitening treatment so use toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. You can also use remineralising gel in your whitening trays to reduce sensitivity. If your gums are very sensitive during the whitening process rubbing vitamin E on them will help. Try not to measure the shade of your teeth everyday. If you look in the mirror everyday and measure the whiteness with your shade guide you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference day by day. use the shade guide or take a photo before your whitening treatment and then again two weeks later.

These diggings uncovered a variety of tools that included chew sticks, bird feathers, animal bones, tree twigs and even porcupine quills and were used to clean the teeth. The first recorded toothbrush was made in Babylon around 3500 B.C. It was a twig with a frayed end and was called chew stick. As years passed, the chew stick evolved into a pencil like tool, one end was pointed and used to pick the teeth and the other end was chewed making it soft and turning it into a brush-like fiber. The first real toothbrush was made in China at around the 1200’s.

Though not much can be done for discoloration due to aging and hereditary factors, the process can be slowed through proper oral hygiene. Smoking and certain kinds of drugs and medication can also cause discoloration of your teeth. The stains and discoloration caused by smoking are not easy to be removed. Therefore, it is best to avoid smoking altogether if you wish to have a bright smile. But again, there are things that you can do to prevent stains on your teeth and discoloration to have a bright smile.

If you take these medications on a regular basis you will develop stains on your teeth. There are tooth whitening kits that will help eliminate the discoloration and stains. These kits are widely available and easy to use. Are you suffering from ailments of the teeth or gums, G Force Reviews and are in pain for the same? Then you should find a dentist immediately. While dental problems do not usually lead to any life threatening conditions, neglecting the symptoms or masking those with painkillers may lead to serious complications later on.

There’s always this negative notion given to people who don’t have a good set of them, thus the need for taking care of our oral cavity. A good, trusted dentist would be in order, as well as proper dental cover when things don’t go as planned. Plus, a yearly check-up, preferably with the family, would go a long way to preserving those sparkling set of teeth. Take into account the average dentist salary of your favorite dentist, and then you’ll probably have an idea about why their jobs are as important as a brain surgeon or a EENT specialist.

We have to also take into account the important roles that our teeth play in our lives, specifically the social side, should we wish to be openly accepted into society. How would you consider your dental needs? Is it as important as your health or how you look today? Oral particularly dental care is very important to your overall health. Exercising proper oral hygiene helps in keeping the body healthy and functions properly on your daily activities. Making sure that the dental care is not neglected brings many benefits not just in your body but as well as the person you are.

A two week treatment is recommended rather than a quick one hour treatment as the longer it takes for your teeth to whiten the longer the results will last. Your teeth will stay whiter for longer if they whiten gradually. It’s also important to use customised whitening trays as these are made to fit your teeth so are therefore more comfortable and ensure overall whitening in hard to reach places. Custom whitening trays also reduce the chance of sensitive gums as the trays end at your gum line unlike boil and bite trays which come up past the gum line.

It is not as flexible as nitrous oxide in that once the medicine is ingested, it cannot be reversed until the body naturally eliminates the medication. In the alternative, intravenous sedation can be used for more complicated procedures. Unconscious sedation is another term used to refer to general anesthesia. This is used for major dental work such as jaw surgery. Cases that require general anesthesia are not handled in the dental office. They are done at hospitals where a full medical staff can easily be available in case of emergencies.

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